*Sale* Spode Square Serving Platter 11″ – Pattern ‘Gainsborough’ – Post 1970

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Spode Square Serving Platter 11″ – Pattern ‘Gainsborough’  – Post 1970

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The ‘Gainsborough’ Pattern…

First introduced in 1933, the ‘Gainsborough’ pattern bears the number S245 and is based on the design work of Harry Hammersley (One of Spode’s most notable artists) who specialised in painting flowers and fruit.

The ‘Gainsborough’ was one of a group of floral study patterns including ‘Romney’ and ‘Reynolds’, the names chosen for marketing value rather than any direct connection with famous artists bearing the same names. A cunning marketing strategy.

Usually produced in the ‘Marlborough’ shape but also found in ‘Rutland’ shape too, the patterns exhibit the radiance of Spode’s colours in the printed and painted underglaze.

The ‘Gainsborough’ pattern was withdrawn in 1998 but briefly brought back between 2000 and 2004. The Spode factory sadly closed in 2009.

Approx date for this item: Post 1970
Approx size: Length 11″ (28cm) x Width 9.75″ (25cm) x Depth 1″ (2.5cm)


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