Ernesto Duran Castro – Atacama Inspired Pottery Piece – Approx 25 Yrs Old


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Ernesto Duran Castro – Atacama Inspired Pottery Piece – Approx 25 Yrs Old

A wonderful piece in beautiful condition.

A very interesting vintage symbolistic definitive piece by internationally notable Chilean artist Ernesto Duran Castro.

After becoming curious about this particular piece of pottery I traced Ernesto Duran across the internet to his studio/gallery in Santiago, where he remains working today producing beautiful artistry, and asked if he would kindly comment on this particular piece. I have Google translated his reply from Spanish and included it below.

‘Dear Phil , thanks for appreciating my work , is an antique piece (25 years approx . ) inspired by the Atacama culture . My pieces are interpretations based on research of different Chilean pre-Columbian cultures . In addition I have paintings, prints and sculptures…’

Additionally, here is the translated leading statement from Ernesto’s website…

‘My work is born of reflection I do the human being, the prevailing memory of primitive pre-Columbian cultures, recreating and creating through pictures and color forms a language full of symbolisms.
The search of rituals and myths that specify a rigorous work to be embodied in painting, sculpture and printmaking. Through these expressions pose universal themes, where the human being is the center of time and space. The stain and the measured color and vibrant once applied on paper and canvas, will qualifying with signs and animals, where gravity does not exist.

Ernesto Duran Castro’

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Approx Size: Height – 6.25″ (16cm) x Width 4.5″ (11.5cm)
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