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Bud Vase in Glendevon Design by Stuart Crystal – 5″

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Exquisite Stuart cut crystal glass vase. No visible scratches, chips or cracks.

Approx Size: Height 5″

Stuart Crystal.. A Brief History.

From the 1800s until 2001, Stuart Crystal was the pride of generations of the Stuart family. In 1827 the orphaned 11 year old Frederick Stuart went to work at the Red House Glassworks in Stourbridge, Great Britain until the age of 24 when he left to become a glass salesman. Some years later he returned to the Red House, this time to own it.

In 1853, Stuart began a 14-year partnership firm neamed Mills, Webb & Stuart. The company bought The Wordsley Iron Foundry, across the road from Red House Glassworks and renamed it the Albert Glassworks. By the 1870s,  Stuart and Mills (note that Webb is now not on the letterhead) supplied glassware to ocean liners, one such liner being  the White Star Line’s ill-destined “Titanic” in 1912.

In 1883, Stuart launched a new business, Stuart & Sons (along with his seven sons) after his Stuart & Mills partnership expired in 1882. Stuart retired in 1897, at the age of 82 and passed away at the age of 85 in 1900.

Stuart & Sons incorporated as a limited company in 1911 and in 1936, glass production was moved from the Red House factory to the new White House Glassworks (later to be demolished in 1979).

In 1966, Stuart & Sons opened a new factory in South Wales. and later a new company was formed in Scotland, named Stuart Strathearn Glass. Waterford Wedgwood successfully bid on the company and took over in 1995. Glass production stopped altogether in 2001.

As part of the Waterford Wedgwood group of companies, Stuart Crystal maintains excellent standards, particularly in it’s famed design innovation.



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