Bush Record Player SRP31 with Garrard RC121 MKII deck

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Bush Record Player SRP31 with Garrard RC121 MKII Deck 1960’s

I have no idea about this item at all other than I did attach a plug (then removed plug again before sale) and the light comes on at the front. The speaker hum appears to increase and decrease with the volume control. Though I must admit that I do not know how to operate the turntable etc so I am selling as untested/not working and as a retro advertising prop. I will leave it up to the buyer to restore it to its former glory if they wish (though I believe that with a little care it would be easily doable).

Condition: Dirty and in need of restoration. Look as though it has been in the garage for years and so needs some TLC.

Approx Weight: Weight ~ 10.5 Kg (HEAVY & BULKY)



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