K. Taimo Shona Stone Sculpture African Ancestral Spirit – Signed.


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African Shona Stone Sculpture Ancestral Spirit Signed K. Taimo

Beautiful heavy African Shona stone ancestral spirit carved by K. Taimo. Black thru bronze hues bring extra depth to the artistic form. Another masterpiece by K. Taimo was recently for sale at a starting price of $320 (£227). So, by comparison, this piece is a bargain.

Known for it’s ancient ancestral beginnings, aesthetic beauty and individuality, distinguished Shona stone artwork can be found in homes, corporations and museums throughout the world. Expression without imitation underpins Shona stone sculptural prowess, these carved forms often derived from the spiritual beliefs of the Zimbabwean Shona people.

Shone stone sculpture is mostly carved using chisels, hammers, rasps, and punches, if these tools can be afforded, however, some sculptors make their own tools from scrap metal and the wealthier few may sometimes employ power tools.

After carving and shaping, the stone is hand-sanded and polished, sometimes fired and waxed.  Modern sculptors experiment with new types of stone and subject matter making Shona stone sculpture a dynamic, essential art responding inventively to material change and social environments.

Fellow Shona stone sculpture collectors allegedly include Queen Elizabeth II and the actor Danny Glover; pieces are part of the permanent collections of New York’s Museum of Modern Art, Museum of Mankind in London, and the Rodin Museum in Paris.

To love spiritualistic authenticity and individuality is to love Shona stone sculpture. This piece is no exception, its aged form and beauty appear testament to the story behind its ancestral roots.

(Sources of Information: http://www.ebay.com/gds/African-Shona-Stone-Sculptures-/10000000000759890/g.html and http://www.southernvisionaryart.com/gallery-african.htm )

Approx Size: Height 7.75″ (19.5cm) Width 4.5″ (11.5cm) Length 6″ (15cm)


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