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Pick Piggy Pottery For 2019…

If you don’t have a pottery Piggy Bank yet then, arguably, 2019 would be a good year to invest in one! Oh.. and just to reiterate an earlier point… choose one with the chubbiest face and the biggest ears possible

Antique Late 19th Century Sarreguemines Character Jug Scotsman No: 3210

Tobacco To Treasure – A Sarreguemines Majolica Story

Sarreguemines is a French spelling of the local Lorraine-German dialect name “Saargemin” meaning “confluence into the Saar” and is located at the confluence of the Blies tributary and the Saar river, 40 miles (64 km) east of Metz, 60 miles (97 km) northwest of Strasbourg in the Lorraine region of France. There, in 1790, three Strasbourg tobacco merchants, Nicolas Jacoby, Augustin Jacoby and Joseph Fabry opened a pottery firm in an old oil mill and by the beginning of the nineteenth century had managed to establish a reputation for production diversification and quality. By 1860 the firm boasted 2,000 workers (an increase […]

How To Spot A Galluba and Hofmann Bawdy Bisque…

When looking to invest in an antique Galluba and Hofmann bathing beauty there are tell tale signs that will assist you in deciding whether your prospective purchase could be genuine or a fake. Often genuine pieces can fetch hundreds of pounds and so it is always prudent to do your research. Click on the following link for Sharon Hope Weintraub’s insightful blog article ‘Bawdy Bisques and Naughty Novelties‘. Would You Also Like To Find Other Galluba and Hofmann Figurine/s Right Now On eBay? Click Here