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Throughout negotiating the ebb and flow of life I have always retained a keen thirst for knowledge and in recent years have discovered that I have an absolute passion for antiques and collectables too. Combining my affinity for both knowledge and all ‘things’ interesting has provided me with a new lease to life and I pride myself in the fact that even as a person of ever increasing years I remain willing, perhaps I could even suggest hungry, to learn anew.

It is a richly diverse world I live in and, sincerely, I adore humanity’s ability to constantly adapt to new challenges. History, in my view, is to observe, to be learnt from, to adapt from and to create from so that I and my kith and kin may love this little ‘space rock’ we live on, take care of ourselves and be better ready for all that is yet to come in the future. Thank goodness then that history is recorded in the ephemera and artefacts that have amazingly survived wars, famine, pestilence and excess throughout the world, items that are bought, sold and lovingly possessed.

I am just as excited about the antiques of the future as I am those of the past. Every decade that I live brings yet more ‘vintage’ this or that and new ‘antique’ discoveries from humanity’s bygone past are uncovered and restored to view. If the thought of that is not enough to make each new day an inviting prospect then I don’t know what is (?).

I hope that you will enjoy perusing the little bits of bygone humanity that I present in my store and that you, yourself, may buy some of it and give it the loving home and admiration it deserves.

Thanks for stopping by my little store and may all your days be as fulfilled and as interesting as mine.

Kindest Regards To All…


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